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2014 State Projects

The six projects selected for the 2014-2016 fellowship are located at coastal resource agencies in the following states and territories. A summary of each project follows.

Location Host Agency Project Proposal Project Goal
Hartford, Connecticut Connecticut Office of Long Island Sound Programs Seawall Compensation: Regulatory Options Development (SCROD) (PDF) Develop a program of compensation for shoreline armoring under Connecticut’s coastal regulatory program so that additional structures such as seawalls and revetments would be offset by the removal of existing structures, promoting a policy of no-net-increase in hardened shorelines.
Dover, Delaware Delaware Coastal Management Program Quantifying the Value of Delaware’s Tidal Wetland Ecosystem to Facilitate Protection and Acquisition (PDF) Quantify the economic value of Delaware’s tidal wetlands and identify areas of specific wetland characteristics based on the ecosystem services they provide, in order to effectively campaign for wetland protection and acquisition.
Miami, Florida Florida Coastal Management Program Building Capacity for Coastal Stakeholder Engagement in Southeast Florida Coral Reef Management (PDF) Work with the Florida Coral Reef Conservation Program to implement local action strategies, engage stakeholders, and initiate an outreach and education campaign.
Annapolis, Maryland Maryland’s Chesapeake and Coastal Service Fostering Strong Coastal Program Stakeholder Engagement and Improving Data-to-Decision Making through Maryland’s Coastal Environments (PDF) Build an effective framework for stakeholder engagement and science translation to improve the predictability with which feedback is considered and data are used in decision-making and policy development in Maryland.
Trenton, New Jersey New Jersey Coastal Management Program New Jersey Coastal Resiliency Enhancement Project (PDF) Improve the ability of coastal communities in New Jersey to reduce the risk to residents, businesses, property, and natural resources from future storm events by identifying and implementing feasible, effective, and affordable hazard mitigation strategies.
San Juan, Puerto Rico Puerto Rico Coastal Zone Management Program Development of an Online Self-Assessment and Solutions Tool for Individuals, Communities, and Municipalities of Puerto Rico for Resilient Coastal Communities and Healthy Ecosystems (PDF) Design and create an online self-assessment and solutions tool to help coastal communities better understand the risk and impacts associated with coastal hazards, including climate change, and pilot this tool in coastal communities in Puerto Rico.

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