Bathymetry and Digital Elevation Models

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The Bathymetry Data Viewer allows users to view hillshade renderings of bathymetric and topographic digital elevation models along the U.S. coast. In addition, the viewer provides access to multibeam and trackline bathymetry, NOAA National Ocean Service hydrographic surveys, and coastal digital elevation models.

The bathymetric and hydrographic data are made available to the public for a wide variety of uses, such as sea-bottom characterization, habitat classification, coastal studies, boundary issues, and tsunami forecasting.

Data Specifications

  • Area of Coverage: U.S. coastal areas
  • Dates Available: Vary by location, ranging from 1939 to present
  • Format: Digital elevation models available as Web Mapping Services, ASCII raster, ASCII points, TIFF images, bathymetry attributed grids (BAG), and binary rasters


  • Multiple basemaps available for viewing and download
  • Bathymetry and NOS hydrographic surveys are color-coded for easier viewing
  • Display the layers in the viewer by checking each box in the Layers tab. View the hillshades or click on the survey lines and polygons to download the bathymetric and hydrographic surveys

Notes and Limitations: These data are not to be used for navigation. Although these data are of high quality and useful for planning and modeling purposes, they are not suitable for navigation. For official navigation products, please refer to the U.S. nautical charts available from the NOAA Office of Coast Survey.


Multibeam Bathymetry
Provides information from the National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC) on multibeam bathymetric data

Trackline Bathymetry
Provides information from NGDC on marine geophysical trackline data

National Ocean Service Hydrographic Surveys
Offers detailed information from NGDC about hydrographic survey data

Bathymetry and Global Relief
Provides products and services from NGDC for ocean depth data and derived digital elevation models