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The Coral Reef Information System (CoRIS) Regional Data Portal is one of several information access points within the larger CoRIS website. The Regional Data Portal is organized according to geographic region and supports data queries that are based on particular locations of interest through a map viewer. Each regional page includes background information on the geography. A series of links take the user to websites for local jurisdictional entities (e.g., national marine sanctuaries), publications, status reports, real-time monitoring data, and spatial map data from a diverse set of NOAA and other project activities.

Data Specifications

  • Area of Coverage: All coral reef ecosystems within U.S. waters, including Caribbean and Pacific territories. Within the Atlantic/Caribbean and Pacific regions, the information is organized by smaller local systems and focuses on the actual coral reefs (primarily nearshore and subtidal environments).
  • Date(s) Available: Vary based on location
  • Format: Primarily available as ESRI shapefiles and grids. Much of the data is available in tabular format. Supporting publications are usually PDF documents.
  • Resolution: Variable based on data type and individual project
  • Minimal Mapping Unit: Variable based on data type and individual project
  • Accuracy: Variable based on data type and individual project


Information and data available through the CoRIS Regional Data Portal:

  • Information and Web links to relevant jurisdictional entities
  • Background information on enabling legislation
  • Real-time oceanographic and atmospheric data for selected monitoring stations
  • Spatial data on biotic communities and coral reef geomorphology
  • Outreach and educational materials
  • Status and conditional assessment information
  • Links on the Regional Data Portal are organized into thematic areas. Users can navigate to the data type of interest. Links within each group normally provide necessary background and further links to additional information.


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