Spatial Trends in Coastal Socioeconomics

NOAA Spatial Trends in Coastal Socioeconomics (STICS) data include common demographic and economic data sets for specialized coastal geographies. These geographies include Coastal Shoreline Counties, Federal Emergency Management Agency Special Flood Hazard Areas, and U.S. Geological Survey eight-digit hydrologic unit code, or HUC, watersheds. The data range from American Community Survey information from the U.S. Census Bureau to coastal economic data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The STICS program is no longer operational, although some of the data will continue to be updated and accessible through the Digital Coast. Archived data are available by request.


Definition of Coastal Counties

Total Economy of U.S. Coastal Areas
These data, which include employment statistics and gross domestic product (GDP) for the total economic activity occurring in coastal areas, are generated from Bureau of Labor Statistics Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages and Bureau of Economic Analysis GDP estimates. For more information, see the data documentation.

American Community Survey
Provides detailed demographic, social, economic, and housing characteristics for coastal geographies in five-year running averages between 2005 and 2011

Critical Facilities
These data from the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Hazus database, circa 2011, include structures that, if flooded, would present an immediate threat to life, public health, and safety. For more information, see the data documentation.

Decadal Demographic Trends
Includes demographic trends for every decadal census from 1970 to 2010 for 166 variables. Variables include information on age, race, sex, employment, income, and housing


The Ocean and Coastal Economy: A Summary of Statistics
Provides a brief overview of the ocean and coastal economies with national-level summary statistics

“The Coast” is Complicated
Provides the method used to define coastal counties

National Coastal Population Report: Population Trends from 1970 to 2020
Provides a highly visual report detailing population trends in the U.S. coastal region

Population Trends Along the Coastal United States: 1980-2008
Highlights the importance of coastal areas and provides an overview of population trends from 1980 to 2003, as well as projected change in population by 2008

The Gulf of Mexico at a Glance
Summarizes the community, economy, and ecology of the Gulf of Mexico

The Gulf of Mexico at a Glance: A Second Glance
Provides an updated summary of the community, economy, and ecology of the Gulf of Mexico

ENOW Announce List Server
Provides subscribers updates on socioeconomic resources for ocean and coastal management.