Living Resources: Includes commercial fishing, fish hatcheries, aquaculture, seafood processing, and seafood markets; recreational fishing is excluded (included in Tourism and Recreation).

Marine Construction: Includes beach nourishment and harbor dredging.

Marine Transportation: Includes deep sea freight, marine passenger transportation (excluding charter boat fishing, which is included in Tourism and Recreation), pipeline transportation, marine transportation services, search and navigation equipment, and warehousing.

Offshore Mineral Resources: Includes oil and gas exploration and production, and sand and gravel mining.

Ship and Boat Building: Includes ship and boat building and repairs.

Tourism and Recreation: Includes eating and drinking establishments, hotels, marinas, boat dealers, campsites and RV parks, scenic water tours, manufacture of sporting goods, amusement and recreation services, recreational fishing, charter boats, zoos, and aquariums.


The value “-9999,” or term “suppressed," indicates that a sector may have relevant data but that these data are not able to be provided publically. To protect the confidentiality of businesses, economic statistics are generally not published when they can be used to learn about an individual establishment. For more information, see the Frequently Asked Questions

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