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Hawai`i Tsunami Hazard Information Service


Image that shows the type of map that is displayedThe Tsunami Hazard Information Service provides residents and visitors of the State of Hawai`i easy, online access to the State’s tsunami evacuation zone maps as well as information about potential risks, how to prepare, and what to do in the event of a tsunami. 

This service was created by the NOAA Pacific Services Center in partnership with the State of Hawai`i.  To find out if you are located in a tsunami evacuation zone, enter your address or island area in the search boxes below. 

Tsunami Evacuation Zones

The Tsunami Map Viewer returns a map of areas with Tsunami Evacuation Zones based on information that you enter.

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The Hawai`i Tsunami Hazard Information Service was developed using the Hazard Education and Awareness Tool (HEAT) template. For more information on HEAT and how to develop a similar hazard service, visit the HEAT website.