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Entity State or Territorial Government
Agency Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism (DBEDT)
Department/Division Office of Planning
Office/Organization/Program Name Coastal Zone Management Program
Website http://hawaii.gov/dbedt/czm/index.php
Local Office Address 235 South Beretania Street, Suite 600 Leiopapa a Kamehameha Bldg Honolulu, Hawaii 96813
Other Office Locations
Point of Contact Marnie Meyer
Point of Contact Email mmeyer@dbedt.hawaii.gov
Point of Contact Phone 808.587.2831
Organization Mission Statement

A vibrant planning and management system that guides human activities to assure that land and water uses are designed and carried out in a manner that sustains the resources and their values. Given multiple interests in these precious resources, government and public partnerships can help assure comprehensive and coordinated research, policy development, and public education on ocean and coastal interests toward sustaining a healthy coastal zone.


Data/Tools Water Quality References Directory (WQDIR)  
The WQDIR is a bibliographic database which provides reference listings of water quality data found in studies, technical reports, published papers, and the like for the main Hawaiian Islands.
Publication Earthquake Hazards and Estimated Losses in the County of Hawaii, Feb 2005  
Plan Ocean Resources Management Plan (ORMP), December 2006  
The ORMP is a statewide plan mandated by Chapter 205A, Hawaii Revised Statutes. It represents a significant change in the way we approach natural and cultural resources management in response to public concerns that the existing functional management system is not working effectively.
Publication Tsunami - The Great Waves, June 2005  
Plan Hawaii's Coastal Nonpoint Pollution Control Program Management Plan, June 1996  
The nation's coastal waters have serious water quality problems that result from polluted runoff or nonpoint source pollution. The purpose of the plan is to describe existing and proposed mechanisms that serve to restore impaired waterbodies and protect the overall water quality that is vital to the State of Hawaii. The plan seeks to meet the program components required under Section 6217.
Other Marine and Coastal Zone Advocacy Council (MACZAC)  
Chapter 205A-3.5 of the Hawaii Revised Statutes clarifies the lead agency's responsibility to maintain a public advisory body. The body is composed of twelve advisory members who are recruited from the Islands of Kauai, Oahu, Maui, Molokai, Lanai, and Hawaii, and have diverse backgrounds in business, environment, native Hawaiian practices, terrestrial and marine commerce, recreation, research and tourism. Since 2001, MACZAC has worked on the mapping of coastal parking access and recommendations regarding shoreline certification, commercial boating regulations, harbor facilities, ocean resource management, and cultural managemetn, as well as other marine and coastal issues.
Plan Hawaii Coastal and Estuarine Land Conservation Plan  
In recognition of the need to provide long-term protection for significant coastal and estuarine resources, Congress created the Coastal and Estuarine Land Conservation Program (CELCP) in 2002. Coastal and Estuarine Land Conservation Plans are intended to be concise documents that guide state participation in CELCP.
Publication Hawaii Watershed Prioritization Process  
This publication describes a GIS process that can be used to prioritize watershed planning efforts statewide.
Publication Low Impact Development (LID), A Practioner's Guide  
This workbook, created for a series of statewide LID workshops in June 2006, includes: (1) An introduction of LID; (2) An overview of traditional versus LID roadway designs; (3) LID-based stormwater management, and; (4) Opportunities for alternative wasterwater management.
Publication Kauai Shoreline Erosion Management Study