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About Coastal Inundation

About the Coastal Inundation Toolkit

The Coastal Inundation Toolkit was developed by the Digital Coast Partnership to help communities understand and address coastal inundation issues. Website components include

  • Understand - What is coastal inundation, its causes, and impacts?
  • Identify - How do I recognize community risks?
  • Visualize - How can visualizations improve understanding of inundation?
  • Communicate - What are the best ways to communicate risk and vulnerability information?
  • Discover - What are others doing to address coastal inundation?

This toolkit is an example of how the data, tools, and other information within Digital Coast can be used to address coastal issues. The toolkit provides the context and guidance for connecting the resources in the Digital Coast to the needs of coastal managers. Has this product helped you? We would love to hear what you think. Please contact us at

Digital Coast Partnership Group

The material on this website has been developed in association with the following partners:

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The Digital Coast Partnership Group appreciates the financial support of the Mississippi Coordinating Council for Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems.