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Visualize Coastal Inundation

Visualizing inundation is important in understanding the potential extent and risks of inundation, and its impacts on the community.

Visualize Inundation

Visualizations can be helpful when trying to make sense of large, cumbersome data sets, as well as in analyzing trends and seeing the geographic extent of inundation events.

In this section, users will find examples of different types of resources that can help turn their data into visualizations. These resources include photos, map-viewing tools, data, and map-development guidance documents. The level of expertise needed to use these resources varies. Users with lower to moderate levels of GIS expertise may want to explore the "Picture It" and "Graph It" sections first. These sections focus on resources geared to help create simulation photos and ready-made map-viewing products. The more technical users, familiar with different data analysis techniques and GIS software packages, may want to explore the "Build It" section, where they can find mapping guidance and methods useful for creating their own maps and visualizations.

Picture It

Photos, maps, and data viewers enable communities to see and understand inundation impacts

Graph It

Large data sets and information can be displayed in more easily understandable graphs

Build It

Training, data, and mapping guidance are available to assist users in building their own inundation maps