Introduction to Stakeholder Participation

Engaging the Coastal Management Community

While one size doesn't fit all, certain basic practices can increase the likelihood of stakeholder participation in the coastal management process.

This publication discusses some of the most important considerations and offers a guide to the most common techniques. Specifically, the document helps in

  • Determining when stakeholder participation is needed
  • Identifying and analyzing stakeholders
  • Stakeholder participation in practice
  • Evaluating the processes

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Additional Assistance and Information

Technical Assistance
The NOAA Office for Coastal Management offers assistance on the topics of demographic data and mapping, and developing stakeholder engagement processes. This assistance ranges from phone calls that answer questions to an extra pair of hands dedicated to your program. Contact the office for more information -

Job Aids
Stakeholder Analysis Job Aid - Steps 1 and 2 (doc, 24KB)
Stakeholder Analysis Job Aid - Step 2 (ppt, 816KB)

Case Study
Assessing the Social and Economic Benefits of Restoring the Deschutes Estuary

This publication is part of the Social Science Tools for Coastal Programs series.

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