Nautical Chart Reprojector

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The Digital NOAA Nautical Chart Reprojector is a stand-alone application developed to reproject raster NOAA nautical charts. Approximately 30 projections are available, and the ability to change datums is included.


  • Reads BSBv3 format file (.KAP extension)
  • Reprojects BSB format file to the user's specification
  • Outputs a new BSB or a TIFF

Technical Specifications

  • Windows, Solaris, PC Linux, or Alpha Linux operating system

Data Requirements


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Choose the desired platform to download the NOAA Nautical Chart Reprojector.

Note for Windows 7 users: The install program may finish with a dialog box indicating that the program did not install correctly. This message is incorrect. Select the option indicating the program did install correctly. Also note that the install program will not start while Google Chrome is running.