Nautical Chart Viewer

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The Nautical Chart Viewer brings BSB-formatted nautical chart information to the geographic information system (GIS) user. This GIS extension works in the Imagine 8.x and ArcGIS 8+ environments. This tool is not needed with ArcGIS 9.2 and higher.


  • Reads and displays BSB format digital raster nautical charts in a GIS

Technical Specifications

  • ArcGIS 8.x, ArcGIS 9.x (not needed with versions 9.2 and higher), or Imagine 8

Data Requirements


LIMITATIONS: These charts are NOT intended to be used for navigational purposes. The developers of this program—the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Technology Planning and Management Corporation, Environmental Systems Research Institute, and MapTech, Inc.—assume no responsibility and cannot be held liable for any end use of this software. For your own protection, please label all output with "NOT FOR NAVIGATIONAL USE."