Mississippi-Alabama Habitat Mapper

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The Mississippi-Alabama Habitat Mapper is an interactive, online map viewer that allows users to view data that reflects local and regional conservation and restoration priorities determined by a team of organizations in Mobile and Baldwin counties, Alabama. The Mapper displays more than 50 data sets representing habitats analyzed using the NOAA Office for Coastal Management’s Habitat Priority Planner, as well as produces reports on priority habitat or parcels of interest. Users can add their organization’s current conservation or restoration projects using the Mississippi-Alabama Habitats Database, directly linked to the map viewer.


  • Provides access to data that represent conservation and restoration priority areas in Mobile and Baldwin counties, Alabama
  • Adds point locations for current conservation and restoration projects
  • Creates reports containing priority habitat descriptions, locations, and criterions
  • Creates parcel reports providing a map, parcel information, and associated priority habitat areas


Prioritization Guide for Coastal Habitat Protection
Describes the process undertaken to prioritize habitats in the two counties.

GIS Analysis Instructions
Contains information on how the GIS analyses and migration to the data viewer were performed.

Stories from the Field

Identifying Priority Habitats for Conservation and Restoration in Coastal Alabama
The Mississippi-Alabama Habitat Mapper and the Habitat Priority Planner are being used to identify high-priority habitats, including those impacted by the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill