Coastal Planning Advisor

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image of hands holding a compass at the beach

Decision making, particularly in a team environment, benefits from a process. This tool provides an easy-to-use process for 12 coastal management issues, from climate change to land use planning. People are using the Coastal Planning Advisor to get teams on the same page, facilitate a collaborative process, assign tasks, and write grant proposals. The list is endless.


  • Customizable. Questions posed within each step are designed to get your team thinking and gathering the right information; you decide which steps and which questions are applicable, or you can develop your own.
  • Collaborative. With this tool you create “My Questions,” a workbook-like approach that makes it easy to share your customized process as well as gather input from team members.
  • Connected. Additional help is available in the form of case studies and NOAA data, tools, and training.


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