Monitoring the U.S. Ocean and Great Lakes Economy

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The coastal economy is an important economic sector for the United States. Economics: National Ocean Watch (ENOW) is the only nationally consistent data set that monitors the ocean and Great Lakes economy. This webinar features Duke University’s Linwood Pendleton and NOAA economist Jeff Adkins, who discuss how the data are developed and accessed, what the data mean, where related international efforts are taking place, and ways in which the data can be used to improve coastal and ocean management. Adkins and Linwood make learning about ocean economics easy to understand.

Learning Outcomes

  • Access economic data and understand the methods used to obtain these data
  • Identify the value of the U.S. ocean and Great Lakes economy
  • Apply data for coastal and ocean management


Jeff Adkins, NOAA Office for Coastal Management
Linwood Pendleton, Duke University’s Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions

Recorded June 4, 2014

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