Habitat Priority Planner


The training, divided into three parts, corresponds with the modules found in the Habitat Priority Planner. Each part contains three components: an automated tool demonstration, information about tool functionality, and a guided simulation for running a test analysis.

You will learn how to

Part 1: Habitat Classification (30 minutes)

  • Perform a habitat classification using this tool
  • Determine the appropriate analysis extent and classification scheme

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Part 2: Habitat Analysis (30 minutes)

  • Perform a habitat analysis using this tool
  • Contrast the functions of landscape and custom analyses
  • Create and interpret a Habitat Priority Planner analysis report

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Part 3: Data Explorer (30 minutes)

  • Create habitat selections using the tool’s query builder
  • Create and interpret a Habitat Priority Planner Data Explorer report

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Participant Requirements

  • Basic knowledge and skill with ArcGIS, attribute tables, and simple query building
  • Audio capability (headphones are recommended)

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