Coastal Community Planning and Development

Course Description

Coastal and waterfront areas face tremendous development pressure. Decisions regarding how and where growth and redevelopment should occur have huge environmental, economic, and social consequences.

The principles taught in this course are helping community members and officials understand land use and development options, identify what they would like to see, and learn how to implement the chosen techniques for their community. Topics covered include land-use planning processes, conventional development patterns and impacts, alternative (smart growth) options and how these options increase community resilience, and stakeholder engagement. Group discussions and activities allow participants to practice and apply knowledge and skills gained.

The audience for this course includes local elected officials and related personnel (e.g., council members, commission members, etc.), developers, business leaders, floodplain managers, hazard mitigation planners, realtors, emergency managers, community groups, members of civic organizations, coastal resource managers, and concerned citizens.

This training is delivered in two parts.

  • Online: Participants complete a 1-2 hour online component using a step-by-step guide.
  • In person: A one-day, in-person workshop builds from the online material. The workshop incorporates a local speaker, offers group exercises, and provides information on tools participants can use to implement alternative growth approaches in their community. The workshop is offered at various host facilities (visit the full training calendar).

You will learn how to

  • Describe the primary drivers that influence growth and development patterns
  • Recognize social, environmental, and economic impacts and benefits of various development patterns
  • Assess the current state of growth and development in your community
  • Employ useful tools and resources available to further smart growth efforts
  • Communicate effectively with stakeholders about coastal planning and development

Participant Requirements

Internet and speakers (or headphones)

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