Managing Visitor Use in Coastal and Marine Protected Areas

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This two-day instructor-led course provides participants with tools to identify and define unacceptable visitor use impacts to natural resources and visitor experiences. The training focuses on a step-by-step process that can be used to help determine these impacts and explore a range of strategies and tactics that can be implemented to address them.

What You Will Learn

After completing this course, participants will be able to

  • Understand the human dimensions of coastal and marine management
  • Apply recreation and visitor use management planning frameworks
  • Identify visitor use issues, including visitor-resource and visitor-visitor impacts
  • Craft a clear problem statement
  • Develop measurable indicators for monitoring impacts and management and set standards for impact acceptability
  • Implement visitor use monitoring methods and management strategies and tactics

Host Requirements

This training is provided by request and will be fulfilled as resources are available. Classes can be taught at the NOAA Office for Coastal Management training facility or brought to your organization. The office reserves the right to cancel the course in the event of low enrollment. The cost is minimal for participants and host organizations. Please review the on-site host responsibilities, costs, and site requirements. To apply to host a course at your location, please fill out our host form, and a trainer will contact you.

Contact Information

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