Port to Port

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In this activity, students participate in a role-playing scenario in which they trade estuary goods with a ship’s captain who travels around North America visiting different ports. They will then play a game to examine the value of estuaries and how human activities and decisions affect the estuaries and change their value.

This activity has two parts:

  1. Port to Port
  2. Estuarie$ Game

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Students should understand that:

  • Animals and plants have adaptations that allow them to live and thrive in different estuary habitats, such as salt marshes or mangrove habitats.
  • Living things are affected by changes in their habitat.
  • Habitats can expand or contract due to outside changes in things that affect either the physical components of the habitat or the organisms that help define the habitat.
  • Research on habitats and species ranges, coupled with long-term monitoring, can give clues to why estuary habitats change over time.

Port to Port: Supporting Resources

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