SWMP Graphing and Export System

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Download Water Quality and Weather Data Using the Graphing and Export System

The System-wide Monitoring Program, or SWMP (pronounced “swamp”), Graphing and Export System provides educators and students with access to SWMP data.

All SWMP data sets are accessible through the Centralized Data Management Office, which is responsible for maintaining and updating the system-wide standard operating procedures for data collection and reporting, plus quality assurance and control. The system was designed primarily for scientists, but data-savvy students and educators may also use it to access SWMP data sets and metadata.

To obtain the metadata for the SWMP data, contact the Centralized Data Management Office. Data documentation includes the designation of rejected, suspect, and corrected data and additional quality assurance and quality control information about the data in the form of flags and codes embedded in the data file.

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NERRS Data Mysteries

These data mysteries will help students explore real events using the SWMP Graphing and Export System. Have them graph and then analyze each parameter to find out what happened, whether there was a significant change or spike in a parameter, why something occurred, who or what was impacted, and why. These mysteries are actual events tracked by reserve system researchers. Click on the data mystery title to let the investigation begin.

Solve These Mysteries!

All Areas

What caused a dark day for the NERRS?

San Francisco Bay Research Reserve, California

Can weather data provide clues as to when fires will occur?

How did the wild oysters in San Francisco Estuary mysteriously die off?

Grand Bay Research Reserve, Mississippi

What happens after a massive chemical spill in Mississippi?

North Carolina Research Reserve, North Carolina

What causes the massive fish die-offs at Loosin Creek?

Jacques Cousteau Research Reserve, New Jersey

How did Superstorm Sandy affect water conditions?

Tsunamis in New Jersey?

South Slough Research Reserve, Oregon

Can scientists predict patterns in phytoplankton abundance?

Narragansett Bay Research Reserve, Rhode Island

What caused a dissolved oxygen spike in Nag Creek?

Why is there salinity variability in Nag Creek?