Social Science Services Contract Vehicle


This open-ended contracting vehicle provides a fast and easy way for federal government entities to acquire social science services from the private sector. The products developed through this contract must be used to support local, regional, and national coastal management efforts.

The contract is managed by the NOAA Office for Coastal Management. Three contractors, Abt Associates, Eastern Research Group, Inc., and ECS Federal, Inc., were competitively selected for this multiple-award five-year vehicle. Task orders are placed under the contract, and the three contractors compete for individual task awards.

How to Use the Contract

Federal agencies can use this contracting vehicle through the NOAA Office for Coastal Management. Federal organizations outside of NOAA will first need to establish an interagency agreement with the office.

Services Provided on Contract

  • Analyses such as demographic, market economic, and social network analyses
  • Assessments such as needs and social assessments, and evaluations
  • Tools and methods such as focus group design and implementation, nonmarket valuation, risk communication, and community-based social marketing

View a complete list and description of each service provided under this contract.

Contract Features

  • Can award a task order in six weeks
  • Contracting process managed by the NOAA Office for Coastal Management
  • Enables tracking of contract deliverables through an easy-to-use task order management information system
  • Provides access to a number of subcontractors through the three prime contractors (depending on specific task order requirements, the prime contractors may add other subcontractors in the future)