Lake Level Viewer

United States Great Lakes

NOTE: Panning between lakes without changing location in the lake drop-down menu will result in incorrect lake levels displayed. Water level elevations values shown in the water level selector are specific to each Lake.

The data and maps in this tool illustrate the scale of potential flooding or land exposure at a given water level, not the exact location. They do not account for erosion, subsidence, or future construction. Water levels are shown as they would appear during calm conditions (excludes wind-driven changes in water levels). The data, maps, and information provided should be used only as a screening-level tool for management decisions. As with all remotely sensed data, all features should be verified with a site visit. The data and maps in this tool are provided “as is,” without warranty to their performance, merchantable state, or fitness for any particular purpose. The entire risk associated with the results and performance of these data is assumed by the user. This tool should be used strictly as a planning reference tool and not for navigation, permitting, or other legal purposes.

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