Overview: Navigating the Water Cycle

In this unit, students engage in a variety of activities as they “navigate” the water cycle. Students learn how weather and climate are related to water by observing and analyzing their own climate. After exploring the history of water from the time of the dinosaurs, the students diagram the water cycle and act it out in a skit. They create and use a rain gauge to measure rainfall at their own home. In the role of weather reporters, they exchange information with students on other islands. Students investigate their local watershed and water usage, and engage in a survey of their own family’s water
conservation and pollution prevention efforts. They study water usage and conservation. To demonstrate what they learned, the students host a Water Conference in which they share displays and hands-on activities with others.

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climate, conservation, diagram, Earth, effort, navigate, observations, pollution, prevention, precipitation processes, usage, water cycle, weather, weather reports