Overview: Predicting and Tracking Hurricanes

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In this unit, students learn about hurricanes, and how they form. They also get acquainted with six technologies– buoys, ships, satellites, radiosonde, reconnaissance aircraft, and Doppler radar–used by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to forecast, track, measure, monitor, and keep islanders informed, through timely broadcasts, about approaching hurricanes. From online videos, internet searches, class instruction, readings, and group brainstorming, students become adept at recognizing what hurricanes look like, and also at tracking tropical storms, through stages, to their final transformation into hurricanes. The main student focus is on safety issues associated with hurricanes, and on preventive measures designed to minimize the impact of hurricanes on island residents and homes.

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buoys, flooding, hurricanes, impacts, ocean, prevention, radiosonde, reconnaissance aircraft, satellites, ships, tropical cyclones