Understanding Food Chains and Food Webs

The students get a brief review of food chain and food webs of living marine organisms. They develop vocabulary and assemble a list of the marine organisms that are used as food and are sold in stores in Hawai‘i using advertisements from local newspapers. Then, students fill in the Marine Organism Identification Worksheet by looking up the defi nitions of and classifying their seafood lists as finfish, shellfish (mollusk or crustacean), and other vertebrates, invertebrates. They develop an understanding of the different categories of marine organisms and which marine organisms are harvested as a food source by us. They discuss the criteria of a marine food web and construct a seafood web using the marine organism lists that they have collected. They discuss and collect information on marine organisms to complete a complex marine food web.

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carnivores, consumers, crustacean, decomposers, ecosystem, finifsh, food chain, food web, energy pyramid, herbivores, living marine resources, mollusk, shellfish, scavengers, producers