The Wetland Ecosystem

In this lesson, students learn some basic concepts about a wetland ecosystem. The lesson begins with a classroom discussion of what students already know about wetlands. Students learn about organisms within an ecosystem and their interdependence. They read about producers, consumers, and decomposers, and how these various organisms make up the food chain within an ecosystem. They also read about the carbon cycle and discover how it relates to the food chain. Students diagram a wetland food chain identifying producers, consumers, and decomposers, then they use their food chain diagrams to illustrate the fl ow of energy through the carbon cycle. The lesson ends with a short student research activity to assist them in further understanding a wetland ecosystem.

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ahupuaa, carbon, coastal marsh, consumer,cycle, cycles of matter, decomposers, ecosystem, endemic, estuary, food chain, impact, interdependent, matter, marsh, migratory, organism, producer, wetland