Wetland Investigators

In this lesson, students learn how to research a topic effectively, and then work in small groups to research one of four Hawai‘i wetlands. Students learn to conduct searches effi ciently, to collaborate effectively, and to engage good speaking and listening skills while working in small groups. Students conduct searches on the Internet and in printed resources to gather information as they assume the role of naturalists. Students synthesize their new knowledge into a short oral report, and prepare a visual aid. Together, the class develops an oral presentation rubric that will be used by all students. In small groups they deliver their oral presentations to the class, while other students must recall key ideas from presentations as they actively listen as members of the audience. In conclusion, each student must conduct self- and peer-assessments of the presentations.

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body language, citation, collaboration, constructive, enunciate, eye contact, feedback, key word, naturalist, paraphrase, self aware, visual aid