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High Tide Flooding

High tides are causing more flooding more often.

10 to 20 times per year

Several cities are experiencing high tide flooding 10 to 20 days or more each year along with the associated public safety and health risks, such as road closures, overwhelmed storm drains, and compromised infrastructure and water quality.

El Niño influences?
High Tide Flooding

Prolonged high sea levels along the West Coast and prevailing wind changes along the East Coast during stronger El Niño cycles compound nuisance high tide flood frequencies during the fall-spring seasons.

300 to 925 Percent Increase

Scientists say this type of flooding has increased upwards of 300 to over 900 percent since the 1960s around the U.S. coast. Flood frequencies in several East Coast and Gulf Coast cities are actually accelerating, which implies that once impacts become noticeable and of concern, they will become commonplace rather quickly.

Future Tipping Points?

Projections say the majority of coastal communities will experience 30 days of high tide flooding annually by 2050.

Graphic stating the United States has seen a 300-925% increase in recurrent high tide flooding, averaging 10-20 times per year.  Recurrent high tide flooding creates public safety and health risks.
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