Accessible Launch Boosts Local Ecotourism and Revitalization

The Takeaway: People of all mobility levels can use the new paddle-sports launch, which will draw visitors to the area’s trail system. READ MORE

The City of South Haven’s new paddle-sports launch enables people of all mobility levels to enjoy Lake Michigan, the Black River, and nearby water trails. It also strengthens the city’s trails-centered strategy for economic development and downtown revitalization.

Easy-to-use handrails and boat rollers help people with physical limitations get their craft on the water for scenic recreation just minutes away from festivals, concerts, and the downtown shopping hub. It also brings the community one step closer to connecting the 34.5-mile Kal-Haven Trail for hikers and bikers to the Lake Michigan Water Trail, which is more than 75 miles long and runs through three states.

With the support of the NOAA’s Office for Coastal Management, the Michigan Coastal Zone Management Program provided South Haven with a $50,000 matching grant for the launch. (2017)

Partners: Michigan Coastal Zone Management Program, City of South Haven