Virginia Eelgrass and Bay Scallop Restoration in Burtons Bay

Recipient: Virginia Department of Environmental Quality

Federal Funding: $2,259,633

Summary: Building on the knowledge gained from a successful eelgrass and bay scallop restoration in southern Virginia’s coastal bays, this project will focus on Burtons Bay. Over a four-year period, at least 60 acres of eelgrass will be planted and over six million bay scallops released. The project will include long-term monitoring, as well as an educational component,with the end goal of a healthy and expanding eelgrass meadow and a resident scallop population in Burtons Bay that will enhance water quality, create carbon stocks, and increase productivity of a commercially harvested species.

For more information on the Office for Coastal Management grant program funding this project, please visit the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law webpage.