Grants and Regional Group Tackle Coastal Flooding Concerns

The Takeaway: More than 39 of Maine’s coastal communities benefited from resilience-related data and technical assistance.

The majority of Maine’s population resides in the coastal zone. In York County alone, 260 businesses representing $41.6 million in wages are vulnerable to coastal flooding, the ensuing property damages, and high insurance costs.

With funding from Section 309 of the Coastal Zone Management Act, the Maine Coastal Program partnered with the Southern Maine Planning and Development Commission to launch the first regional working group on sea-level rise in Saco Bay. Coastal hazards data and technical assistance were provided to over 39 coastal communities across the state, and some local policy changes were made to reduce community risk. The Maine Coastal Program also provides additional funding through competitive coastal community grants. (2016)

Partners: Maine Coastal Program, NOAA Office for Coastal Management, Southern Maine Planning and Development Commission