Federal Contracting Vehicle Benefits State and Local Efforts

Local, state, and federal agencies are getting faster and easier access to nation’s top geospatial firms thorough a streamlined process developed by NOAA. Five prime contractors, who represent over 80 subcontractors, are available.

The contract also can process task orders rapidly during times of national disaster.

Five geospatial firms are sharing up to $49 million over five years to provide the data and services that will help communities protect their coastal economies while increasing resilience to flooding, development, and other hazards. NOAA has awarded more than 150 task orders over the past five years on projects that include these three:

  • With funding of $250,000, Dewberry and Applied Science Associates supplied vessel-traffic data used to evaluate good locations for offshore wind farms and anchorage areas, avoid whale strikes, and analyze shipping routes.
  • With funding of $120,000 for aerial imagery collection, Woolpert has helped the State of Connecticut monitor and manage land use, natural resources, vegetation, and recreational uses.
  • With funding of $372,000, Dewberry collected lidar for northern Lake Michigan’s Beaver Islands and South Manitou Island. NOAA and the National Park Service are using the data to analyze lake level fluctuations and lake floor characteristics, critical factors in the coastal economy.
Communities served through the contract can get satellite imagery at discounted rates. NOAA’s Office for Coastal Management manages the contract and provides technical assistance. (2017)

More Information: Fact sheet

Partners: Dewberry, Fugro Geospatial, Quantam Spatial, Tetra Tech, Woolpert, NOAA Eastern Acquisition Division