High-Wind Building Codes Part of Hazard Mitigation Plan Update

The Hawaii Coastal Management Program is helping coastal communities prepare for severe winds and storm surges by developing local hazard mitigation plans. Approval of these plans by the Federal Emergency Management Agency makes the community eligible to receive federal disaster assistance. With the program’s leadership and funding from Section 309 of the CZMA, Hawaii’s first statewide and county plans were approved and adopted in 2005.

In completing the initial plans, the coastal program discovered that building codes needed updating to handle the impact of the 100+ miles per hour wind gusts sustained under extreme conditions. All four counties in the state performed this task. In addition, the coastal program partners with the Hawaii Chapter of the American Institute of Architects, engineering associations, and county planning and public works departments to provide training workshops on the upgraded wind standards. (2016)

Partners: Hawaii Chapter of the American Institute of Architects, Hawaii Coastal Management Program, NOAA Office for Coastal Management