Introducing Natural Infrastructure to Great Lake Communities

Recent Wisconsin legislation requires coastal communities to create resilience plans, and the state has identified green infrastructure as a viable alternative to traditional gray infrastructure (seawalls and other built structures). The Lake Superior National Estuarine Research Reserve is providing scientific research and stewardship expertise, and creating the partnerships needed for communities to successfully apply for funding assistance.

One of the more interesting partnerships crossed state boundaries. Reserve staff members learned that coastal managers from Duluth, Minnesota, were also seeking green infrastructure solutions. The reserve used both social and natural science to provide the information needed to help citizens embrace this new approach. The two states connected and developed a successful joint application for a NOAA-funded project. Listen to an interview about the Lake Superior Research Reserve’s efforts. (2016)

Partners: Lake Superior National Estuarine Research Reserve, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Minnesota Sea Grant, NOAA Office for Coastal Management, Wisconsin Sea Grant