Lake Superior Reserve Works toward Regional Stewardship Goals

Since its designation in 2010, the Lake Superior National Estuarine Research Reserve, through the efforts of staff members and academic researchers, has supported the mission of long-term research, water-quality monitoring, education, and coastal stewardship.

In its short existence, the reserve has delivered thousands of hours of education and professional development for local students and teachers through both classroom and field-based experiences. The reserve’s coastal management training program further supports stewardship through workshops focusing on community resilience, erosion control for contractors, riparian buffers, and low-impact development. In addition to its numerous education programs, the reserve hosts the annual St. Louis River Summit, which provides a venue for sharing information on the St. Louis River Estuary and western Lake Superior with regional partners. The summit attracted over 300 participants in 2016.

The reserve receives 70 percent of its funding from NOAA and 30 percent from the University of Wisconsin-Extension, totaling about $7.6 million to support its mission. The reserve plans to renovate its interpretive center through grant funding to provide a destination for residents and tourists to improve understanding of Lake Superior and the St. Louis River estuary. (2016)

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Partners: Lake Superior National Estuarine Research Reserve, NOAA, University of Wisconsin-Extension