Land Use Guide for Tsunami Preparedness

The Cascadia Subduction Zone, located 50 miles off the Oregon coast, can produce earthquakes of magnitude 9.0 and higher. A major earthquake along this fault line, a one in three chance within the next 50 years, could result in a tsunami striking the coast and its 22,000 residents within 15 minutes.

The Oregon Coastal Management Program began working with coastal communities to reduce their risk of property damage and loss of life from a tsunami by developing a comprehensive land use guide to improve evacuation planning and infrastructure, reduce development in high-risk areas, and encourage stronger building techniques.

Using the guidance, over a dozen coastal communities have worked with the Oregon Coastal Management Program to amend land use plans, modify zoning regulations, develop incentives for homeowners to increase their tsunami preparedness, and improve evacuation facilities. The guide has improved coordination and enabled state agencies to collaborate more effectively to deliver the data and expertise communities need. (2016)

Partners: Oregon Coastal Management Program