Monitoring Salmonid Fishery Restoration

Digital Coast data played a role in this comprehensive inventory.

A “fish-friendly” culvert—informed by Digital Coast’s remote sensing and habitat mapping support—is drawing salmon and trout back to their traditional spawning grounds.

The Klawock River watershed and lagoon system has over 132 miles of streams that serve as spawning habitat for at least seven salmonid fish species. The construction of a causeway contributed to a decline in returning salmon and trout to the river.

With funding from NOAA’s Restoration Center, The Nature Conservancy restored access to the ocean and increased tidal exchange within the lagoon by installing a “fish friendly” culvert. The Nature Conservancy and the NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service initiated a comprehensive inventory of critical habitats, and NOAA's Digital Coast provided remote sensing and habitat mapping technical assistance to evaluate the success of the culvert. (2016)

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Partners: The Nature Conservancy, GeoVantage, Inc., NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service