NOAA Funding Benefits Massive Flood-Control Initiative

Communities are gaining a greater appreciation for how green infrastructure (also called natural infrastructure) serves as an effective flood reduction technique. In a project receiving over $410,000 in NOAA funding after Superstorm Sandy, the Trust for Public Land researched, identified, and planned strategic natural infrastructure investment locations for the metropolitan New York region. Targeted technical assistance was provided to New York City partners, who used this information to inform a $176M U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Disaster Resilience award to implement multi-benefit flood control projects in high-risk areas.

The project team, including Drexel and Columbia Universities, assessed how natural infrastructure performed during Superstorm Sandy and developed a web-based green infrastructure decision-support tool that integrates future flood scenario data with vulnerable population and infrastructure data. The tool is used by local decision-makers to analyze the multiple benefits of green infrastructure investments and identifies parcels likely to provide the most benefits. (2017)