Partnering to Support Clean Marina Program

The Takeaway: The Michigan Coastal Program certifies marinas and educates boaters to protect water resources.

Michigan’s 750 marinas, nearly one million registered boats, and an abundance of lakes make it a top boating state. However, the inadvertent release of hazardous substances associated with boating practices can harm fish and wildlife and degrade aquatic resources. The Michigan Clean Marina Program was developed to proactively protect water resources by promoting environmentally sound marina and boating best practices.

The Michigan Coastal Zone Management Program provided grant funds to the Clean Marina Program to develop promotional materials, provide workshops to educate marina operators and boaters, and train an additional clean marina specialist to assist with efforts to promote certification and aid marinas in the certification process. The Clean Marina Program is a public-private partnership that includes Michigan Sea Grant, the Michigan Boating Industries Association, and the non-regulatory section of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. (2016)

More Information:

Partners: Clean Marina Program, Michigan Boating Industries Association, Michigan Coastal Zone Management Program, Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, Michigan Sea Grant