Program Fosters Visibly Cleaner Boatyard and Marina Waters

The Takeaway: Improvement to water quality helps draw more recreational activity, which boosts the economy.

In a recent survey, 73 percent of Wisconsin Certified Clean Marina owners have seen a decrease in water pollution. They trace this improvement to greater awareness and adoption of clean-marina practices, such as upgraded oil and fuel spill management and improved boat sanding and washing practices. A total of 21 Wisconsin marinas and boatyards are Certified Clean Marinas and another 14 are working toward certification.

Ensuring clean water resources is important not only for marine life but for the state’s economic vitality. The marina and boatyard industry plays a significant role in Wisconsin’s recreation and tourism economy, which in 2014 contributed $1 billion to the state’s gross domestic product and paid out more than $481 million in wages.

The Wisconsin Coastal Management Program and University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute co-developed the Wisconsin Clean Marina Program and Wisconsin Marina Association. Both the state coastal management program and Sea Grant contributed major technical and financial support. The coastal management program also provided staff support. Both state entities continue to offer advice and technical assistance, and they work alongside other partners to certify marinas, conduct workshops, and provide outreach and education. (2017)

More Information: Clean Marina Program

Partners: University of Wisconsin’s Sea Grant Institute, Wisconsin Marina Association, Wisconsin Coastal Management Program, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources