Lake Erie’s Real-Time Weather Data Keeps Millions Safer

Presque Isle State Park, along the Lake Erie shore, offers 3,200 acres of outdoor recreation for four million visitors yearly, but fast-moving storms and currents sometimes pose life-threatening danger to sport fishers, swimmers, and boaters. A program now provides up-to-the-minute weather, wave, and water-quality data as well as hourly video clips of Lake Erie conditions, benefitting not only the park’s visitors but also lifeguards, rangers, and staff members.

This service by the Regional Science Consortium is available online or by downloading the LIVE Datacenter app and selecting “Regional Science Consortium” from the project list. The NOAA Coastal Storms Program and other partners supported this initiative by funding the establishment of two nearshore buoys. The consortium, which now oversees four buoys in the state waters of Lake Erie, received the Pennsylvania Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence for this effort.

More Information: Real-Time Weather Data

Partners: Great Lakes Observing System, Pennsylvania Coastal Resources Management Program, Regional Science Consortium

Fast Fact: Did you know that tourism and recreation in the country’s shore-adjacent zip codes contribute $116 billion in gross domestic product to the U.S. economy every year? For more statistics related to this story, check out Tourism and Recreation and Economics and Demographics.