A Social Marketing Campaign Targets Litter in Laolao Bay

For years, litter has marred the scenery and threatened the popular Laolao Bay’s fragile ecosystem. A yearlong social marketing campaign—Our Laolao—inspired locals and visitors to clean up Saipan’s Laolao Bay and watershed. The campaign included video testimonials, personal “anti-litter” pledges posted on social media, and a host of other activities.

Post-campaign survey results showed a profound public awareness of the anti-litter message and a significant decrease in trash. In addition, Saipan officials inspired by the Our Laolao campaign plan to use similar social marketing strategies for upcoming initiatives. Our Laolao was made possible by grant funds and project guidance provided through the NOAA Coral Reef Conservation Program. (2016)

Partners: Northern Mariana Islands Division of Environmental Quality, Division of Coastal Resources Management, and Division of Fish and Wildlife; Mariana Islands Nature Alliance, SeaWeb, NOAA Coral Reef Conservation Program