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Tony LaVoi

Integrated Information Services Division

Tony LaVoi is chief of the Integrated Information Services Division for the Office for Coastal Management.

This division delivers the full range of enterprise information services for customer products and services development, and it also provides the support IT infrastructure for the office’s digital presence. The division provides all information technology infrastructure and manages all operational IT systems. In addition, it provides software application design and programming, web design and development, visualization and animation creation, and data management and database support services for staff members and partners.

LaVoi also is the NOAA geospatial information officer. In this position he serves as the focal point for agency-wide strategies, policy development, standards, and coordination activities related to geospatial technologies out of NOAA’s Office of the Chief Information Officer.

LaVoi and other team members coordinate a number of enterprise geospatial services for the NOAA GIS community of users. These include enterprise license agreements with software vendors and a shared geospatial hosting environment for NOAA staff members. He participates in national and international bodies focusing on geospatial coordination, especially in the coastal and marine domain.

LaVoi has been with NOAA for almost 20 years. Before NOAA, he spent five years working on GIS projects with state, regional, and local governments as well as the private sector. He is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a degree in civil and environmental engineering.