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Layers: Description: Feeding Biologically Important Areas (BIAs) for Cetaceans include areas and months within which a particular species or population selectively feeds. These may either be found consistently in space and time, or may be associated with ephemeral features that are less predictable but can be delineated and are generally located within a larger identifiable area. BIAs were defined by compiling the best available information from scientific literature (including books, peer-reviewed articles, and government or contract reports), unpublished data (sighting, acoustic, tagging, genetic, photo identification), and expert knowledge. This information was then used to create written summaries and maps highlighting areas shoreward of the U.S. Exclusive Economic Zone that are biologically important to cetacean species (or populations), either seasonally or year-round. Other BIA types include migratory corridor, reproduction, and small and resident population.

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