NOAA Coastal Resilience Grants Program

This competitive grant program funds projects that are helping coastal communities and ecosystems prepare for and recover from extreme weather events, climate hazards, and changing ocean conditions. All project proposals undergo a rigorous merit review and selection process by a panel of subject matter experts from across the United States that include representatives of government, academia, and private industry.

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2018 National Coastal Resilience Fund

On November 9, the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced the awarding of $28.9 million to fund 35 projects under the 2018 National Coastal Resilience Fund. These projects cover 22 states and Puerto Rico.

The projects will restore, increase, and strengthen natural infrastructure—the landscapes that help absorb the impacts of storms and floods—to protect coastal communities from storm and flooding impacts and enhance fish and wildlife habitat. The total investment, including nonfederal match, is $67.2 million.

Project descriptions and additional information can be found at

2017 Coastal Resilience Grants

This competition integrated the two resilience-focused grant programs within NOAA’s National Ocean Service and NOAA Fisheries. The combined Coastal Resilience Grant Program seeks to protect life and property, safeguard people and infrastructure, strengthen the economy, and conserve and restore coastal and marine resources.

NOAA received more than 167 proposals requesting more than $135 million. NOAA has awarded 19 projects totaling $13.8 million, with recipients providing an additional $8.3 million in matching funds, for a total of $22.1 million.

Award recipients include state and local government agencies and nonprofits who will use these funds to increase their ability to prepare for and recover from a variety of coastal threats, including hurricanes, tsunamis, and sea level rise. Project focus areas include flood protection, infrastructure improvement, restoration of coastal habitat, and proactive community planning initiatives.

The awards cover 17 states and Puerto Rico. Over 350 coastal communities are benefiting, and 1,100 acres of habitat will be restored and used to enhance flood protection. Projects began October 1, 2017.

2015-16 Regional Coastal Resilience Grants

NOAA's Office for Coastal Management, part of the National Ocean Service, administered this competition and received over 130 proposals requesting more than $100 million. Twelve projects were awarded (six using federal funds from fiscal year 2015 and six more funded in 2016). The federal funding total was $9 million with an additional $5 million in matching support.

While the selected projects incorporate a variety of approaches, a few themes stand out: prioritizing efforts based on where communities are most vulnerable; incorporating climate change data and information into existing community plans and policies; and using natural and nature-based solutions (sometimes called "green or hybrid infrastructure") to control flooding and provide ecosystem benefits. These projects are benefiting over 200 coastal communities in 19 states.