Ohio Preserves Chagrin River Habitat

The Takeaway: The Chagrin River Floodplain Land Conservation Project has preserved 105 acres of habitat, contributing to a growing conservation corridor under NOAA’s Climate-Ready Coasts initiative.

A river winds through trees and a rocky shore on a sunny day.
Part of the 105 acres of habitat along the Chagrin River.

In a significant conservation milestone, the Ohio Coastal Management Program and local partners successfully closed on the Chagrin River Floodplain Land Conservation Project, thanks to funding provided under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law’s coastal zone management Habitat Protection and Restoration awards.

A wet, muddy area filled with trees.
An area of the Chagrin River habitat, located approximately four miles upstream from Lake Erie.

NOAA awarded the Ohio Department of Natural Resources just over $1.7 million for the acquisition and preservation of 105 acres of habitat along the Chagrin River, located approximately four miles upstream from Lake Erie. This acquisition, part of a larger initiative to protect the Chagrin River, benefits urban coastal communities and contributes to a growing conservation corridor. The project is a vital component for enhancing climate resilience in an urban area facing development pressure, aiding communities from downtown Willoughby to Lake Erie by managing water quality and quantity, providing public access and education opportunities, and improving fish and wildlife habitat.

This project falls under NOAA’s Climate-Ready Coasts initiative, funded by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. These efforts are strengthening communities to better handle climate change and extreme weather, while also building upon the long-standing efforts of states and territories to protect coastlines. This acquisition enhances efforts to safeguard our coastal ecosystems. (2023)

Partners: NOAA, Ohio Department of Natural Resources, the City of Willoughby, Western Reserve Land Conservancy

Federal Funding: $1,705,000