Enhancing the Makah Tribe’s Engagement in Regional Ocean Planning and Management

Recipient: Makah Indian Tribe

Federal Funding: $240,724

Summary: The goal of this award is to enhance the Makah Tribe’s ability to execute regional ocean planning initiatives by increasing their mapping capabilities. The Makah Tribe is an active participant in the West Coast Ocean Alliance. However, limited staffing capacity affects their ability to analyze the impacts of projects and programs that could affect their ocean and coast-related treaty rights and resources. This funding will attempt to address this by 1) hiring an ocean mapping specialist; 2) identifying Makah information needs and gaps in the West Coast Ocean Alliance Data Portal; and 3) developing data products, sharing lessons learned, contributing to tribal-focused data products, and identifying needs for future research. As a strong partner of the West Coast Ocean Alliance, the Makah Tribe’s efforts will also provide immediate and tangible benefits to the alliance.

For more information on the Office for Coastal Management grant program funding this project, please visit the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law webpage.