Makah Ocean Data and Management Capacity, Data Sovereignty, and Student Engagement

A sunrise over the ocean.
Photo credit: Courtesy of the Makah Tribe

Recipient: Makah Indian Tribe

Recommended Federal Funding: $288,482

Summary: The Makah Tribe began work related to this project in fiscal year 2023, with the overarching goal of enhancing the Makah Tribe’s ability to execute regional ocean planning initiatives by increasing their mapping capabilities. The goal now is to continue—and build upon—the work that the Makah Tribe’s ocean mapping specialist began during that initial award. This will allow the ocean mapping specialist to continue providing data and mapping support to tribal staff and leadership, and West Coast Ocean Alliance products, while also focusing on priority topics identified by the alliance, the West Coast Ocean Tribal Caucus, and the Makah Tribe. These include a focus on tribal data sovereignty, outreach to and education for the next generation of Makah resource managers, and a focus on ocean climate change and ocean energy data and research needs.

For more information on the Office for Coastal Management grant program funding this project, please visit the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law webpage.