Providing Easy Access to Decades of Data for Better Atlantic Ocean Planning

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The Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Ocean Data Portals provide consolidated data and state-of-the-art mapping technology for those interested in information on the regions’ ocean waters. While they’ve served as detailed screening tools, they have lacked links to the hundreds of environmental studies conducted by the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management and others over the past five decades, leaving a critical gap in ocean science.


To help fulfill this need, regional portals are now linking directly to the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management’s Environmental Studies Program Information System, which was developed in partnership with NOAA’s Office for Coastal Management. This information includes summaries, final reports, peer-reviewed publications, and digital data.


This system provides the ocean science community with unprecedented access to the Environmental Studies Program’s information and data. Studies about the Outer Continental Shelf are vitally important to people involved in ocean conservation, species protection, oil and gas development, the shipping and fishing industries, offshore renewable energy, coastal restoration, and other sectors. Linking regional portals to the program's studies will provide a direct link to the science needed to support sound decision-making for numerous ocean planning activities. (2017)

Regional Clearinghouse and Data Portals showing northeast ocean data and content-based links to the Environmental Studies Program Information System
The Northeast Ocean Data Portal provides content-based links to the Environmental Studies Program Information System.