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    Gain easy access to the Digital Coast resources often associated with these topics.

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    Adaptation Strategies

    Coastal communities are striving to adapt to a changing climate. Whether it’s finding new ways to protect the built and natural environment, or building the social capital needed to support community resilience initiatives, these resources offer assistance.

    Coastal and Ocean Economy

    Coastal and ocean resources are productive drivers for the local, state, and national economy. Communities need information to quantify impacts to these resources to make informed decisions about the future.

    Coastal Land Cover

    Land cover data are used to address a wide range of coastal management issues, from flooding risk and natural infrastructure assessments to policy evaluation and land use planning. Access and understand how to use these data effectively.

    Coastal Storms

    Coastal storms can bring flooding, storm surge, and the potential for severe damage. These resources help officials understand potential impacts and take steps to lessen damages and increase community resilience.

    Ecosystem Services

    Healthy ecosystems provide a wide range of benefits, from recreational opportunities to storm surge protection. These resources can help you understand how changes to the ecosystem may affect these benefits.

    Natural Infrastructure

    Natural infrastructure uses existing natural areas (and engineered solutions that mimic natural processes) to minimize flooding, erosion, and runoff. These resources are useful when considering nature-based solutions to enhance flooding resilience.

    Ocean Planning

    Ocean planning is a growing field that uses science and information to advance local and regional interests and keep the ocean and the economy healthy. Use these resources when beginning an ocean-related project.

    Risk Communication

    When it comes to storm preparation and other community planning exercises, resident participation is important. Use these products to increase risk communication skills and engage the community.

    Vulnerability Assessments

    For communities looking to address potential impacts from coastal flooding and severe weather, a good understanding of the people and places in harm’s way represents an important first step.

    Water Quality

    Water quality is one of the most important components of a healthy ecosystem. Understanding the types of data, and actions that can address areas of concern, helps communities better understand the condition of their water and the threats.